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"Locked in the house for safety and the police guard the stations"

The Sardinians remained in the United Kingdom, amid fears and new restrictions
antonio mulvoni serena vincenzi e roberto roccu (l unione sarda)
Antonio Mulvoni, Serena Vincenzi e Roberto Roccu (L'Unione Sarda)

Other than British calm, the United Kingdom is a nation in chaos right now. And the new mutated version of the coronavirus, isolated in the country led by Boris Johnson, seems to have given the coup de grace to the precarious balance of a population that since last spring has shown that it cannot manage the pandemic.

The national news is telling this, as confirmed by the Sardinians who emigrated for work across the Channel and now in the midst of the health cyclone. Direct witnesses of a general confusion that is overwhelming especially the capital, from which everyone wants to escape. In fact, foreigners look for a place (now unobtainable) on a train or plane to take them home, while Londoners try to escape from the City , heading towards the north of the island, away from Tier 4 , the red zone that has closed the metropolitan area of the Capitoline and the south east of England.

Maximum alert

Antonio Mulvoni in recent days has also decided to return to his Assemini for the Christmas holidays, giving up almost immediately after the blocking of flights imposed by the Italian government. "Too complicated to find a ticket for the island - he says -, better to stay here waiting for the peak of the emergency to pass and for the fear for the new version of the virus to subside".

Thirty-six years of age, the last of which spent in London as a manager in a multinational active in services to pharmaceutical companies, Mulvoni has abandoned the idea of spending the holidays with his family and now prefers to limit the risks of infection as much as possible. "I work in my small apartment and go out only for necessities - he says - here in fact not everyone uses a mask and this certainly does not reassure you in everyday life".


Serena Vincenzi, from Oristano moved to a food company in the English capital, tries to minimize contacts with the outside world and is now resigned to spending the end of the year away from home. “I have too few days of vacation to be able to quarantine them in Sardinia. I will stay in London, where the confusion and fear for the new type of coronavirus is not palpable, but the tightening of restrictions has already created long queues for supermarkets like they have never seen since the beginning of the pandemic ".

Two-sided city

Roberto Roccu has instead put his soul in peace for some time. "My wife and I have given up for weeks on returning to the island, it would have been too risky for our parents' health." Originally from Benetutti and lecturer at King's College in London, Roccu tells of a city of a thousand contradictions. "On the one hand you have the minister of health who admits that the new virus is out of control and the stations manned by the police, on the other, however, you notice a somewhat superficial attitude of the citizens, confirming that the mutation is not scary . Moreover, not everyone here uses a mask and many think that the premier's anything but rigid approach, shown from the first hour, has over time justified the relaxed behaviors that are seen now. An apparent tranquility, despite the numbers on infections and victims are anything but comforting "

Luca Mascia


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