Vallermosa, the stylist with the Island in his heart

The story of Renato Chessa: leads a well-known brand between Sardinia and Milan
renato chessa (l unione sarda)
Renato Chessa (L'Unione Sarda)

When Renato Chessa attended the Asproni high school in Iglesias, his classmates, struck by his superlative style, called him after a famous stylist. After some time, that boy from Vallermosa in the world of fashion has really carved out a place and since 2015 he has led his brand "Chessa Lab" between his country of origin and the adopted city of Milan.

Passion for fashion

The passion for the sea had led him to enroll in marine biology, but soon that for fashion took over. From there, the passage to the European Institute of Design in Milan and the thesis on traditional Sardinian masks that opened the doors of Marzotto-Ratti, an excellence that supplies fine fabrics and luxurious prints to the largest fashion houses in the world. "Collaborating with the offices of the largest houses was exciting and educational," says the designer, who after a few years left Ratti and launched his own brand. «When you start you are in a sea of sharks, but I had a goal. Focus on quality and made in Italy ». In the meantime he had "trained" by transforming jeans into one-of-a-kind pieces that were selling like hot cakes online, sold in the name of the unaware grandmother Iolanda di Perdasdefogu, to whom he dedicated the logo. "She didn't like it, but the shirt with its young face and its roses, yes."

Sardinia, ideas and details

"If I lived only in Sardinia, certain ideas would not arise, nostalgia makes me deepen the traditions, to which I associate ideas that come from travel: so in Milan I develop projects inspired by my land but never predictable - says Renato Chessa - in Guatemala the link with nature and roots it is similar to ours, it fascinated me and in the March collection there will be drawings by the Guatemalan painter Alvaro Tzaj Yotz. I have so many ideas in my hat ». But in the meantime it has already ranged from Porto Flavia to Trexenta and Sartiglia, from the wonderful costume of Desulo to the masks of Mamuthones and Issohadores. "Before using them, I talked to the mamoiadins who wear them." Meanwhile, from the US they order the old Sardinian woman armed with a rifle and a girl spins the photo of him with the "Filonzana" t-shirt and the pro Biden pin.

Pandemic and feelings

The pandemic has upset souls and inspirations. «After the first wave the line expressed the desire for kisses and hugs. We must pay attention to the messages that are launched, I dared by inserting the famous sculpture of the middle finger by Cattelan and Facebook, before realizing it was art, he blocked it ». The crisis? "I take less risk." The future? “I'll broaden the line. But first thanks to those who have been there. I am the son of a doctor and a teacher, seeing me leave the university to do fashion scared them but they have always supported me. My father is gone, I will grow up for him too ».

Vanna Chessa

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