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"My Christmas from Sweden"

Roberto Finoli and the Sardinians who will not be able to return for the holidays
roberto finoli (l unione sarda)
Roberto Finoli (L'Unione Sarda)

Counterorder: Christmas off the island. For many Sardinians who no longer live here and were hoping to return to the latter part of the year, the change of program was inevitable: 2020 in the sign of Covid leaves the holidays at a distance. The ban on crossing borders freezes the hopes of those who wanted to return home. Roberto Finoli is one of these and shares his fate on social media with a lot of compatriots. "This is the first time in 32 years that I will not come to Sardinia." His is one of the first voices to rise on the other side of the hemisphere, precisely from Kristianstad, Sweden, yesterday seven degrees above zero. «Here the situation is very dramatic», he says, «we are in full second wave of the pandemic after a fairly quiet summer period. Now the new infected curve is very steep. The dead are over 7 thousand, one of the highest number in the world. There are warning signs from all the Swedish scientific communities but nothing of the kind from the health office ”. This is why "it is very rare to see people wearing masks in my city".

The story

Sixty-one years old, "almost pure" Cagliari (parents from Abruzzo), geologist, photojournalist and teacher of communication and Italian, "who the Swedes really like", Roberto Finoli has never lost contacts with Sardinia: his sister Rita and his niece Beatrice kept him informed about everything that happens in Sardinia. Even on Covid which, especially to someone like him, took him off guard. "I never thought it would be a virus to prevent me from coming to my island, where every year I see relatives and friends from childhood." A simple thing, like coming to Sardinia, this year he will not be able to do it. Not even he, who if there is a mountain to climb does not put any problems, climbs and stands, for example on the summit of Kebnekaise, the highest in the Scandinavian country, his latest conquest that is the envy of friends.

The case of Sweden

Being among the Sardinians left "out" for the holidays is the excuse to talk about Sweden, which has become a coincidence due to its strategy based on the no to lockdown. From his point of view, now Swedish (at 29 he moved to Stockholm to chase the love of those times, a Swedish girl, mother of his two children), Finoli largely shares the position of the government. «The general philosophy in Sweden towards citizens is to respect the recommendations (hygiene and distance) and to adopt responsible behavior. Not obligations but recommendations that obviously not everyone respects, especially young people ». At school, he says, “I happen to meet entire classes on the stairs, the kids don't think about it: luckily, now the secondary schools will switch to digital lessons until the end of the term. I am one of the few who points out to keep their distance but the signal given from above, right from the start, means that today there is so much lightness in behavior ». And now the crisis is making itself felt in Sweden too: online purchases have increased, shops, restaurants and bars fail. So or almost also travel agencies and airlines, such as Sas and Norwegian.

Merry Christmas

“We are all hoping for a peaceful Christmas: I will spend it in Kristianstad, with my extended family, my children, my ex, new friends and companions, parents. With Carina, with whom I have lived for 12 years, I shared adventures and travels: we hope that the next one will be in Sardinia ».

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