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"Tirrenia cuts routes with Sardinia without taking us into account": the requests of Sardinian emigrants

The serious situation that will arise has already been reiterated in a recent congress in Saronno
immagine simbolo dell emigrazione (archivio l unione sarda)
Immagine simbolo dell'emigrazione (archivio L'Unione Sarda)

The Federation of Sardinian associations in Italy, in the person of its honorary president and head of Transport ToninoMulas, writes to the Minister of Transport DeMichelito advance the concerns of the Sardinian community residing in the peninsula in relation to theannouncementof the cut of theTirreniarouteswith Sardinia.

"Dear Minister De Micheli,

the cut of the routes announced by Tirrenia is dramatic for Sardinia and for Sardinian emigrants to Italy and their families. We ask why the extension envisaged by the February Relaunch Decree was not reiterated after the deadline of 18 July.

Because the approval process in the European Union has been neglected and because, if there has been no response, there has not been a public solicitation by the government and the peremptory intimation of the timing of the response.

Moreover, because in the meantime, we did not proceed with the speed required by the Sardinian transport situation, also burdened by judicial uncertainties, we did not proceed to determine the terms of the call for tenders for the new Territorial Continuity tender.

All this, together with the denunciation of the seriousness of the situation, was strongly requested by FASI (federation of Sardinian associations in Italy) in the Saronno conference on February 15 last, in the presence of the deputy minister Margiotta, the vice president of the RAS Hon. Alessandra Zedda, of majority and opposition politicians, transport operators and experts. And in the presence of 300 representatives of Sardinian clubs. We reiterate all this today, asking for an urgent response and intervention ".


(Honorary President and Transport Manager FASI)

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