"Distant but united", the Sardinian clubs of Tuscany and online initiatives

Various events in a new form
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From "Sa die de sa Sardigna", celebrated online by various Tuscan clubs - " Peppino Mereu " of Siena, " Narada " of Prato, " Grazia Deledda " of Pisa, " 4 Mori " of Livorno - on the initiative of " Acsit "in Florence, a series of events were then designed to take place in the same way, under the motto" Distant but united ".

The first appointment, introduced by Pietro Clemente, was characterized by the reading of passages by Pinuccio Sciola, Sergio Atzeni and Michela Murgia, by the recitation of poems and the projection of films; and also an exhibition at the launeddas, live from Orosei, by maestro Pietro Paolo Piredda.

"After that first experience - explains Elio Turis - I and the president of the circle of Florence, Angelino Mereu, welcomed the unexpected proposal of our countryman Daniela Pilia, of the 'Amistade' club, who has been living in China for 20 years now. in Shanghai, to use the platform to share initiatives between clubs, eliminating the distances that separate us ". Here is the programming of a series of events with the involvement, through the Shanghai association, of the Tokyo "Isola" and Melbourne clubs, as well as those in Tuscany, including that of Siena.

"The first two events - continues Turis - took place in the form of a lecture and conversation by Gaetano Ranieri around the archaeological discovery of the 'Giants of Mont'e Prama'. For reasons of time zone and work, the meetings were held on Saturday morning , at 10 am Italian time, which correspond to 4 pm in Shanghai and 5 pm in Tokyo. The first was entitled 'The shrine of the broken heroes', the second 'Archeology hidden in the Sinis' ".

And, again, "on the wave of unexpected success, the appointment 'Sardinia seen from afar', held by the anthropologist Pietro Clemente, who spoke about Sardinia from the 1970s to today, seen by those who have left It has been an island for many years and which today sees it from afar, in its changes and attempts at economic social rebirth and cultural growth, to outline the traces of the Sardinia of the future ".

In September it was the turn of "An odyssey and Rimas nobas", a preview of a documentary based on texts by Ugo Tanda and directed by Priamo Sechi. "On this occasion we also gladly welcomed the representative of the Paris club, who declared herself enthusiastic about the initiative and willing to offer her collaboration and that of her club. The documentary tells the evolution of Sardinian poetry from the oral form to the written one: through interviews with experts, the path that - through poetic competitions - led poets to abandon rhyme and seek new content is retraced. The role of poetry prizes - especially the Ozieri Prize - has been identified as decisive for to qualify literary production in verse. Poets such as Predu Mura, Benvenuto Lobina, Francesco Masala or Antonino Mura Ena, with their compositions have contributed to introducing new contents and giving life to a true poem in the Sardinian language ".

"For the numerous participants - emphasizes Elio Turis -, these Saturdays had a 'happy' limit in time: this passed quickly and the desire to exchange ideas, memories and suggestions was very strong, as well as the sense of identity present in The world health emergency, despite its drama, has allowed us to rediscover, in an unprecedented form, the same feelings and bonds that usually manifest themselves in the occasions of meeting in person. We have learned to use technology to strengthen our identity and our sense of belonging wherever we are. We were very pleased to meet so many of our countrymen, who not only have not forgotten their identity, but also forced to migrate, instead of having adverse feelings towards a stepmother land, keep alive and firm the Sardinian 'roots' and promote the beauty, tradition, culture, tourism and food and wine of the native island, making their clubs a 'Casa Sardegna' with a global dimension ".

The next event is scheduled for Saturday 24 October, again at 10, organized by the Association of Sardinians in China "Amistade", in collaboration with the Sardinian associations in Florence, Siena, Pisa, Livorno, the Sardinia-Japan Island Association and the "Sardos in Paris" Association in Paris: "Appointment with Enzo Favata, jazz player, composer, Sardinian researcher, one of the best known international musicians of Italian jazz. A narrative and sound journey will tell about ̀ how the sounds̀, the accents and the influences of the musical heritage have merged into the expressions of Italian jazz players active in the Mediterranean area and in Sardinia ".

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