The twins

Vittoria and Annalisa were born eight days apart: the miracle that also lights up Cagliari

The father of the children, Alessandro, is a 36 year old from Cagliari. The birth in a hospital in Barcelona
le due gemelline fra le braccia di mamma e pap (foto concessa)
le due gemelline fra le braccia di mamma e papà (foto concessa)

An unspeakable joy, the miracle of life that repeats itself. And that this time, if possible, it has an even more special connotation.

Because the protagonists are the two little Vittoria and Annalisa, twins, who were born respectively on 30 August and 7 September from Messina's mother, 35-year-old Cristina, and 36-year-old Alessandro from Cagliari. A very rare "deferred" birth, as in technical jargon the birth of a twin within days of the other is called, which has few positive results on a worldwide scale, and which has been successfully performed in the hospital's intensive care unit Clinic Seu Maternitat in Barcelona.

The grandmother of the little ones, Laura, also from Cagliari, tells the story to Unionesarda.it. An immense joy, almost broken by emotion, and which he wants to share with our readers while maintaining a certain confidentiality.

"What matters - he clarifies - are not the protagonists, but this wonderful miracle of life. This splendid example of excellent health care. Good news, in a period in which unfortunately too often, due to Covid, we read about pain and desperation ".

The adventure of little Vittoria and Annalisa begins during the lockdown: Cristina discovers she is pregnant. After the fetal DNA, performed in the city of Gaudì where the two have lived for two years, the confirmation of the arrival of a girl, but in the 17th week the new discovery: the little ones are actually two, in two different amniotic sacks.

"The ultrasound scans showed only Annalisa - explains grandmother Laura - then Vittoria also appeared in the fourth month, perfectly formed like her sister".

The gynecologist then advised Cristina to contact the obstetrics department of the Hospital Clinic Seu Maternitat, which also specializes in complicated births. "At first the twins seemed to be monochorionic biamniotic, that is practically identical - explains the grandmother - but after Annalisa's birth it was later discovered that they are bicorical, that is, not identical".

In the 22nd week the first difficulties. "There was a premature rupture of the amniotic sac containing Vittoria - explains the grandmother - but the doctors still manage to make the pregnancy proceed, with the mother in absolute rest, until the 28th week".

Then the proposal: groped for a "deferred" birth, a rarely used and very delicate technique, with a positive outcome that is certainly not taken for granted, to give birth to Vittoria but allow Annalisa to develop for a few more days in her mother's womb.

"Cristina then accepts the doctors' proposal with great courage - adds grandmother Laura - On August 30, her first twin sister, Vittoria, is born, and Annalisa is born on September 7. With her mother who, twice a week later, confronts the pains ".

The girls are now both admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit of the Spanish hospital, but both are doing well.

"We haven't been able to visit them yet due to Covid - grandmother tells us - but we hope to embrace the new family soon". "For us - he concludes - what is important is that everything has gone well. Alessandro, who is a computer engineer in an important multinational, meanwhile enjoys paternity, which is granted in Spain, alongside his beautiful women".

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