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Eleonora, Cagliari from Sweden without lockdown: "I got into self-isolation"

Thirty-three years old, from Cagliari, Eleonora Cugurullo has lived in Sweden for four years, the only country in Europe that hasn't closed everything. And she closed herself in the house

Children playing in the park, kids cackling at the bar tables, couples having dinner at the restaurant. Sweden seems to be another world right now, practically the only country in Europe that has not chosen to close everything to defend itself against the coronavirus infection.

The numbers at this time do not seem to reward this approach: just two days ago the country registered 812 new cases of Covid, the highest number reported so far, with the total rising to 17,567. The victims are 2,152, 1,256 patients treated in intensive care.

And while Swedish experts continue to insist on the "soft" lockdown, many residents have chosen to quarantine themselves. Eleonora Cugurullo, a 33-year-old from Cagliari, who has been practicing the profession of architect in Stockholm for four years, tells it to Unionesarda.it.

What has Sweden done to resist contagion?

"At first it aligned itself with Great Britain with the decision not to close. When the United Kingdom completely changed its opinion, choosing to follow the 'Italy' strategy, I was convinced that Sweden would follow suit. From as I know them , I can say that the Swedes don't like controversy, and instead ...

And instead?

"I was surprised, they continue on their way even if the numbers are not positive. We have many deaths by population, especially compared to other Nordic nations such as Norway."

So nothing has changed from you?

"I wouldn't say. One thing they did immediately, for example, was to push people to work from home, and this, in a country that in terms of technology and smart working is far ahead of the rest of Europe, practically has halved the number of people around the streets. "

Are you working from home?

"Yes, for a month and a half."

As for schools and universities?

"Schools are open regularly while universities have recently decided to move lessons remotely. But very late."

Shops and restaurants?

"These are also open, with some restrictions recently entered. For restaurants, for example, counter service is not possible and distances must be kept from one table to another. But they are rules that are respected in a very relative way."

What do you mean?

"A friend who lives in the center sent me photos of customers sitting practically attacked in outdoor cafes. I believe that beyond the imposed rules there are many people who have not perceived the problem and continue to live a normal life. Maybe because I am Italian and I follow our reality closely, I decided to quarantine myself ".


"I go out only to go to the supermarket, but rarely. Every now and then I go for a walk with my boyfriend, who is Swedish, but we take the car and go to a very large park."

How long has it been since you returned to Sardinia?

"Fortunately, without knowing it, I went back in the last possible period, in February, just before everything broke loose. I hope to be able to return to July, the month when Sweden goes on vacation. But obviously I'm afraid".

About what?

"That Scandinavia is only lagging behind the rest of Europe. And that when the Italian borders are open, the Swedish ones will be closed".

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