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Giulia, Sardinian quarantined in the UK: "I miss my family"

Giulia Saba, Ryanair flight attendant, suddenly found herself on the ground. With the fear of the next paycheck

Everything was organized: he had taken the holidays well in advance, he was preparing to spend some time with his brothers in Bishop's Stortford, the English town 40 minutes from London where he has been living for a year, when the two notorious words they blew every floor. Lockdown and coronavirus.

Journey postponed for his brother and two sisters, ready to leave from Villacidro, but above all unknown for the working future.

Yes, because 28-year-old Giulia Saba works as a flight attendant Ryanair: "When I went on vacation, I never imagined that I would never get on a plane for weeks," she tells Unionesarda.it.

What did they tell you from Ryanair?

"They say we'll be flying again in June. But it's unknown, it's an unknown factor."

In the meantime, do you get paid regularly?

"Theoretically yes. I specifically have a contract with an agency that hired me on Ryanair's behalf, they are working to guarantee wages and at the end of April the situation should be resolved. But obviously I am worried ...".

How did it go in March?

"In March, as always, I was paid for the work in February, when the situation was still more or less under control. That month I didn't fly much, and since we, in addition to a fixed rate, are also paid on the basis of flight hours , I just managed to pay the rent. In March I flew a week, so I see it hard. "

How do you spend your days?

"I wake up, I have breakfast, some physical exercises if I feel like it, I draw, I read. In short, I try to keep busy but it's not easy. Fortunately I live with my boyfriend, Spanish. But I miss my friends, evenings around. Then it's not the most beautiful place in the world ... ".

What do you mean?

"The weather is often humid and gloomy. Although paradoxically these days we are seeing wonderful days (closed in the house). Before it always rained, now always the sun!".

Do the British respect the lockdown rules?

"Compared to the photos I see from Italy, there are more people around, because here it is allowed to go out for walks. I personally go out only to do the shopping. The queues are infinite because here the safety distance is two meters" .


"Not everyone uses them, it is not mandatory here. But in general they are not easily found. I myself have yet to equip myself, I will try ordering them from the Internet".

From a health point of view, are you Italian abroad?

"Yes, here you just have to register with the NHS (the National Health System), which works like the ASL. It is all paid with the taxes automatically deducted from the salary, so in that respect I am calm. Here I have already been hospitalized for other problems and everything went well. In fact, I had excellent experience with the English healthcare system. Better than the Italian one ".

How did you get into Boris Johnson's hospitalization?

"Obviously it is something that nobody wishes, but now that he is better I can say it: he deserved it a little. Anyway, I'm glad he's out of danger."

Do you miss home?

"From a woman accustomed to returning every two months, yes, a lot. I hope to return in June, at least for a few days."

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