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"Visioni Sarde" reaches Australia: screenings in Canberra

The best of young Sardinian cinema
un frame tratto da gabriel (foto ufficio stampa)
Un frame tratto da "Gabriel" (foto ufficio stampa)

"Visioni sarde" arrives in Australia. The film festival dedicated to the best of young Sardinian cinema will be at the center of an appointment to be held, in presence, in Canberra at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies on Monday 15 March starting at 7 pm, as a guest of the Dante Alighieri Society Canberra.

"The films brought to Australia - explains Bruno Culeddu - were collected and pre-selected in 2020 by the critics and experts of the Cineteca di Bologna; they outline a significant picture of recent film production in Sardinia".

These are the titles proposed:

DAKOTA DYNAMITE by Valerio Burli. A little girl on vacation in Sardinia is kidnapped. She will seek help from her favorite comic book heroine.

THE EMBRACE by Simone Paderi. Marina retraces her work experience. The story results in a very strong emotion.

LET ME GO by Roberto Carta. Venanzio hopes to learn from the fugitive Antonello to become a feared and respected bandit. But something goes wrong.

FOGU by Alberta Raccis. Sacred and profane, religious ceremonies and festivals that are intertwined with the daily ritual of food.

FATE of Bonifacio Angius. A day made of emptiness, superstition, anguish and fear. A man without qualities, looking for answers.

FRAGMENTA by Angelica Demurtas. The life of a woman narrated through memory and personal re-elaboration.

GABRIEL by Enrico Pau. In the midst of the vastness of nature, only human frailty and the power of mystery remain.

VALERIO by Gianni Cesaraccio. Valerio lives by tricks and subterfuges, not giving a damn about his son and family.

The screening of the short films will also be preceded by the presentation of the promo "Sardinia, sure to dream", which shows the multifaceted aspects of our culture.

The traveling event makes use of the professionalism and full availability of the Cineteca di Bologna and, in particular, of Anna Di Martino, director of "Visioni Italiane". The organizational and administrative commitments of the tour in Italy and abroad are fulfilled by the Association of Sardinians of Turin “A. Gramsci ”chaired by Enzo Cugusi and the Bologna“ Visioni di Ichnussa ”film association run by Bruno Mossa, who takes care of the promotional aspects.

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