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Undersecretary Cancelleri visits Sardinia. But the Solinas junta is not notified: "It's a serious matter"

The Deputy Minister for Transport on the Island for some site inspections. Villa Devoto: "Lost opportunity to confront"

The visit to Sardinia of the Undersecretary for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility Giancarlo Cancelleri becomes a political case.

The deputy minister, who arrived on the island for an inspection of the construction sites on the Sassari-Olbia, on the SS 131 and on the 389 "to check the scheduled maintenance works", did not in fact notify the Solinas junta.

And it was precisely from Villa Devoto that a well-known controversy was signed by the councilors of Infrastructure Aldo Salaris and of Transport Giorgio Todde, with whom "regret and disappointment" are expressed.

"It is with amazement - the two councilors write - that we learned of the visit to Sardinia with whom we would certainly have liked to take stock of the state of infrastructures in Sardinia and to which we would have liked to expose the critical state of some of the main arteries of Sardinian connections, which despite repeated requests for attention by the central government have now even been excluded from the list of works to be commissioned ".

"Sardinia - Salaris and Todde continue - suffers from an infrastructural gap which causes lack of development, depopulation and isolation of the territories. The lack of connections and the level of insecurity of Sardinian roads is a priority of this regional council and we expect that it is also so for the Government.

In this sense, the exclusion of the island from the list of road works to be commissioned is an unforgivable mistake that we hope will soon be corrected. Sardinia urgently needs safe roads and fast connections. We would have liked to speak with the undersecretary about this and the need to speed up the road modernization work started during this Legislature. A great missed opportunity ", concluded the two exponents of the Giunta Solinas.

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