Covid, even France is working on the "health pass"

The system, which will work through the app already used for tracking, will be applied first to air travel and then to concerts and festivals
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France at work on the health passport.

This is confirmed by the French newspaper Le Monde, which underlines how the health authorities are working beyond the Alps to guarantee the highly anticipated "pass" by the summer.

The TousAntiCovid application, which has already existed since last year to track Covid cases in the territory of the République, will allow "to keep the certified result of a test and a vaccination certificate". It is, therefore, a new page of the application that welcomes the results of the tests and vaccination certificates already this week.

The system will first be limited "to the control of certain air travel", but the "pass" could then be "extended to concerts and festivals".

Meanwhile, the French Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, specifies that "a decrease in the epidemic" has begun five days ago, but "this decrease remains fragile", because "we are always at a very high level".

Interviewed by the regional newspaper Le Telégramme de Brest, Véran declares that "the daily cases have decreased: we had risen to 40,000, today we are around an average of 22,000 cases a day". "But this decrease - he warns - remains fragile".

"We are still at a very high level of the epidemic and the descent is not yet sufficiently rapid and clear. We must continue our efforts."

With respect to a lifting of the restrictions in mid-May, the minister merely says that this "will be the subject of announcements in due course".

Data from Santé Publique France indicate just over 29,000 new cases on Sunday, about 36,000 on Saturday and 36,500 on Friday. Yesterday, France had 31,214 hospitalizations from Covid-19, including nearly 6,000 in intensive care.

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