Weddings, rave parties and garage parties: weekend of madness in Germany

Angela Merkel warns: "A very serious phase, with the third wave dominating"
angela merkel (foto ansa epa)
Angela Merkel (foto Ansa/Epa)

A wedding with 100 guests, rave parties, and even birthday parties and not only in closed rooms, garages and private homes.

A real weekend of madness that took place in Germany and as reported by the German press.

The police forces have been engaged in a series of checks and sanctions, and the evidence is that of a country exhausted by the closures linked to a pandemic whose end does not seem to be in sight.

In recent days, Angela Merkel had launched a new alarm for the coronavirus situation in the country, returning to talk about a "very serious phase, with the third wave reigning over it", and recalling the data of the posts occupied in intensive care despite the Country's vaccination campaign is proceeding at record speed.

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