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In Israel, the obligation to wear an outdoor mask is stopped

All schools are also reopening

Important news from today in Israel: it will no longer be mandatory to wear the mask outdoors, but only indoors.

In recent days, the Ministry of Health met with experts to take stock of the vaccination campaign. A marked decline in all signs of the coronavirus pandemic has been ascertained. Hence the decision to change some provisions.

But the big challenge is still to be faced, as specified by the commissioner for the fight against the virus, Nachman Ash, according to whom it is now a question of ensuring that the masks are actually worn indoors: "I hope we can count on the fact that everyone keeps a face mask in their pocket and uses it when needed, "he said.

In addition, all schools reopen in Israel.

According to data released by Haaretz, 5,341,887 citizens have received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine, i.e. almost 57.5% of the population.

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