The EU contract with AstraZeneca risks not being renewed due to delivery delays

It expires on June 30, and EU Commissioner Thierry Breton has hinted that renewal is no longer a certainty

The European Union contract with AstraZeneca, which expires on June 30, is seriously in danger of not being renewed due to the company's accumulated delivery delays.

EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said on French TV: "My priority, as a vaccine manager, is that those with whom we sign a contract deliver on time," he said.

The numbers: the European Union had ordered 300 million doses by June, 120 for the first quarter and 180 for the second. At the moment only 100 have arrived: in the first quarter 30 million doses, then another 70.

When asked about the renewal, Breton replied: "Nothing is final, we will continue to discuss", suggesting that the expiring contract may not be renewed. This is also due to the lack of public confidence in the Anglo-Swedish drug after the vicissitudes experienced in various EU countries. And the increase in Pfizer supplies.

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