Full nude on Zoom, accident for a deputy

The irony of colleagues: "You don't have a tie". Him: "I was changing"
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(dai social)

Another incident on Zoom, the strategic platform used in these times of smart-working and remote meetings.

The fool is always around the corner: a webcam turned on by mistake, or left on when you were convinced you had turned it off, can capture anything.

This time the "victim" is a local Canadian politician, who inadvertently showed himself completely naked in a video call with colleagues.

"My video accidentally turned on while I was changing after jogging, it was an unfortunate mistake that will never happen again," said Liberal Congressman William Amos, who represents the Pontiac district in Quebec.

A screenshot of the incident, circulated on social media and reported by the BBC, shows the politician without clothes near a desk, between the flags of Quebec and Canada.

A circumstance that sparked the ironies of the other parliamentarians. It may be "necessary to remind colleagues, especially men, that a tie and jacket are mandatory," stressed a member of the Canadian Bloc Québécois party.

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