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The United Kingdom breaks through 42 million vaccines, Covid cases are falling again

Just 2,000 cases a day out of a million tests, 35 deaths

The rush for vaccines continues in the United Kingdom, which exceeds 42.1 million doses administered (including almost 9.5 million boosters), maintaining a pace of approximately 500,000 injections.

This is certified by today's data from the government of Boris Johnson, confirming for now the downward trend in infections - reduced to just over 2 thousand in 24 hours on about one million swabs performed - and the stabilization of the number of daily deaths to the lowest of these. months (35 on the last day surveyed).

The situation in hospitals is also normalized at the moment, where in total there are just about 2,000 patients hospitalized for Covid nationwide and no more than 300 forced to be assisted in intensive care units.

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