Stop the kidnappers of little Mia. But there is no trace of the child

The three would have acted at the request of the mother, who was untraceable, who had been forbidden to approach her daughter due to a history of violence.
mia montemaggi e la madre lola
Mia Montemaggi e la madre Lola

The police managed to stop the three kidnappers of Mia Montemaggi, the 8-year-old girl kidnapped on Tuesday in the Vosges , in eastern France.

These are three men, all already registered by the authorities, close to the far-right and anti-republican movements and also to the survivalist groups, of the "prepper" genre, who gather enthusiasts who train to face catastrophic events and possible emergencies.

The three confessed to the police that they kidnapped the little girl at the request of her mother, Lola Montemaggi, a woman with a history of violence, whom the court had forbidden to be alone with the child.

Mia at the moment, however, is nowhere to be found: the three were in fact able to entrust her to her mother before being stopped. The woman would later lose track of him.

Investigations are continuing now to be able to trace her and the baby.

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