After the Washington sanctions, Moscow expels 10 American diplomats

The Russian response after the measures announced by the Biden administration

Russia will propose to ten American diplomats working in Russia to leave the country.

This was announced by the Ria Novosti agency citing the Russian Foreign Minister Serghiei Lavrov.

Yesterday the United States announced the expulsionof ten Russian diplomats, mostly identified as 007.

The measures against Russia were adopted for its interference in the presidential elections in favor of Donald Trump and for the SolarWinds cyber attack that hacked numerous government agencies and private companies: 32 between Russian individuals and entities linked to the government.

The US - along with the European Union, Great Britain, Canada and Australia - also sanctioned eight individuals and entities linked to the Russian occupation in Crimea.

These are the first expulsions and the second round of sanctions by the Biden executive against Moscow, after those for the poisoning and imprisonment of the opponent Alexei Navalny.

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