Terror after shopping: a poisonous snake emerges from the salad bag

The frightening discovery of a Sydney couple returning from the supermarket
la foto del serpente scattata da alexander white (dal guardian)
La foto del serpente scattata da Alexander White (dal Guardian)

Moments of terror for an Australian couple from Sydney.

Back from shopping, the two - Alexander White and his partner Amelie Neate - found a poisonous snake inside a box of fresh salad bought in the supermarket.

According to local media reports, the reptile that popped out of the bag was a specimen of "Hoplocephalus bitorquatus", also called pale-headed snake, about twenty centimeters long.

"He moved and pulled out his little tongue - explained White - and I immediately understood that he was not just a worm".

After the discovery, the couple called the wildlife organization Wires to report the incident and a specialist then showed up at their home to take care of the animal.

"If you are bitten by this snake, you must go to the hospital immediately," White commented after doing some research on the intruder.

The couple also alerted the supermarket. The property has confirmed that it will open an investigation to understand how the snake may have ended up in the lettuce to be packaged.

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