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Biden: "US troops out of Afghanistan by September"

The announcement of the American president: "This long war must end"

Within five months, after years of conflict and stable garrison presence, American troops are ready to withdraw from Afghanistan.

The announcement was made by US President Joe Biden: "It is time to end this long war. We will continue to support the Afghan government but without military implications", explained the president.

The United States had intervened after the attack on the Twin Towers, to overthrow the Islamist regime of the Taliban, accused of giving aid and asylum to Al Qaeda terrorists.

The goal of the White House is a gradual return of the displaced soldiers, to be completed by next September 11 (a date apparently not accidental).

The US decision does not please Russia, however, which accuses Washington of violating the recent pacts stipulated with the Taliban, which instead provided for disengagement by May.

According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova "the announced intention of the United States to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan is a clear violation of the American-Taliban agreement signed on February 29, 2020 which provides for the complete withdrawal of US troops by on May 1st of this year ".

"What is worrying - he added - in this context is that the armed conflict in Afghanistan could intensify in the near future, which in turn could possibly undermine efforts towards the start of direct intra-Afghan negotiations".

For his part, the Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio commented: "We shared the US position.

We are moving towards an epochal decision for NATO, a decision that we will take together with our allies and which will concern the presence of alliance troops in Afghanistan ".

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