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San Marino: "Anyone who refuses the Covid vaccine and gets sick will have to pay for treatment"

The idea of the ministry would not really be a novelty in the small state

In San Marino, citizens who choose not to get the coronavirus vaccine when it is available, free but not mandatory, if they get sick they will have to pay for the treatment out of their own pocket.

The Secretary of State Roberto Ciavatta proposed it, the San Marino government is thinking about it seriously and will soon take a decision on the matter.

"The experts of the vaccines commission of the Social Security Institute agreed - said Minister Ciavatta -. The vaccine in San Marino will be free and available for the population and if you decide not to undergo it by choice and not because you are part of excluded categories, such as allergy sufferers or for other health reasons, then you will have to pay for treatment for any contagion ".

San Marino healthcare is totally free, and in the past a solution was found for no vaxes on children's vaccinations. A law in force establishes that the parents of unvaccinated children are obliged to take out insurance for damages against third parties.

The vaccines in San Marino will come from Italy: "It will be the Italian Ministry of Health that will divert a portion for us, therefore the vaccination times of our population will follow the Italian ones", explained Ciavatta.

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