Three victims of a pedophile priest sue Pope Francis

They claim that the Vatican was aware of the crimes committed against minors
papa francesco (archivio l unione sarda)
Papa Francesco (archivio L'Unione Sarda)

Pope Francis, in addition to the archbishop of Melbourne Peter Comensoli and the archdiocese of Melbourne itself are being sued in the Supreme Court of the state of Victoria by three aboriginal men who as children were allegedly sexually abused by the priest Michael Glennon.

These argue that the Vatican was aware of the crimes committed against minors, but did not expose it, even after his sentence to two years in prison in 1978 for sexual abuse and violence committed on 15 minors.

This is the first known case in Australia in which victims of abuses committed by the clergy call the Pontiff to answer for the Church's failure to intervene in decisive action against pedophile predators. If the case were to succeed, it would be the first time an Australian court has punished the Church, as a separate judgment from the obligation to compensate victims.

The three plaintiffs, whose personal details have not been disclosed, claim to have suffered significant impacts due to the abuse that still have consequences such as drug addiction, being homeless and jobless. And they are demanding punitive damages and damages.

Their lawyer, Angela Sdrinis, is waiting for the representatives of the Holy See in Australia to accept the notification of the mandate on behalf of the Pope. "It's about getting the Pope and the Vatican to accept their responsibilities," he said. "What possible excuse can they make for not returning Glennon to the secular state?" asks the lawyer who adds that the archdiocese of Melbourne had withdrawn the faculties of priest after the conviction in 1978, but only the Vatican would have had the power to lay him down.

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