Iran, the head of the nuclear program killed: "Israel is behind the murder"

The scientist was among the leaders of the country's nuclear program

Israel is behind the assassination of the Iranian scientist MohsenFakhrizadeh-Mahabadi , one of the leaders of the nuclear program of the Islamic country, near Damavand, north-east of the capital Tehran: an American official and two other intelligence executives tell the "New York Times".

According to the American daily, "it is not clear how much the US knew in advance of the operation. But the two countries are closely allied and have been sharing intelligence on Iran for a long time."

Supreme Leader of Tehran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said those who ordered the assassination of the nuclear scientist should be "punished".

"The outstanding scientist in the field of nuclear and defense technology has been murdered by criminal and ruthless mercenaries and his efforts in technology and science should continue," added Khamenei who expressed his closeness to the scientist's family and the scientific community. .

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