Viruses, down the cases throughout Europe. And in Asia the third wave alarm is growing

The point on the coronavirus in the world

Europe is taking a breather with a general decline in infections from Covid-19. But that's still not enough.

In the United Kingdom, as an effect of the lockdown bis imposed by the government of Boris Johnson, the Rt index of spread of the coronavirus falls below the threshold of 1 for the first time since August. Improvements also in Northern Ireland , where isolation resumes today for two weeks after the failure of a softer approach. In Ireland , one of the EU countries to first re-impose stringent restrictive measures six weeks ago, restaurants, shops and gyms will reopen next week.

In Germany , German Chancellor Angel Merkel has extended the semi-lockdown to 20 December: infections in the country have exceeded one million since the beginning of the pandemic.

In France , President Emmanuel Macron has to contend with the bishops who have filed an appeal with the Council of State against the government's decision to limit religious ceremonies to a maximum of 30 people. A choice defined by the French Bishops' Conference a "serious mistake", despite the measures have proven to be effective: in the last 24 hours, new cases have been 12,459 against 13,563 yesterday, despite an increase in deaths to 393 against 339 yesterday . The positive rate of tampons falls below 12%, which stands at 11.7%.

Meanwhile, the WHO returns to invite people to keep their guard up. Even if we see a decline in coronavirus cases, we must remain vigilant, warned Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO technical head of health for Covid-19, during the usual virtual briefing. The key to keeping the pandemic under control, added director general Tedros Ghebreyesus, is to expand testing to more accurately track the spread of Covid-19.

IN ASIA - Meanwhile, on the other side of the world Asia is facing the third wave nightmare. In Japan, Tokyo hit the record for infections, at 570 on a daily basis. The announcement of a state of emergency by the executive may be imminent, as yesterday the health emergency minister Yasutoshi Nishimura had hinted. Also on a monthly level, infections reported in the capital since the beginning of November have settled at 8,567, exceeding the previous record of August, which stood at 8,125. And from tomorrow the sale of alcohol from 10pm by bars and restaurants will be prohibited for three weeks.

Record of cases also in Indonesia with 5,829 new patients and 169 deaths. The alert has been high for days also in South Korea and it is also alarm in Iran , with 900 thousand total cases and almost 14 thousand in 24 hours with 482 deaths.

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