Iran, the head of the nuclear program killed. Netanyahu: "He was working on the atomic bomb"

According to Israeli sources, he was on the Mossad target list
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A scientist considered one of the leaders of the Iranian nuclear program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi, was shot dead in Absard, near Damavand, north-east of the capital Tehran. The Iranian state television reports.

The scientist had been accused by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of managing a program for the development of atomic weapons and according to Israeli sources he was on the Mossad target list.

"Some colleagues of the expert scientist of the nuclear and missile program and at least three of the terrorists were killed or wounded in the attack this afternoon," reports Fars, an agency close to the Pasdaran, citing security sources. However, the number of other possible victims is not specified at the moment.

According to the account of some witnesses, there was initially an explosion, perhaps to block the car in which Fakhrizadeh was traveling, followed by a series of shots. In the past, Iranian media reports, the scientist had already escaped an assassination attempt attributed to the Mossad.

Considered by many to be the most experienced of the Tehran Defense Minister's nuclear technicians, he was also head of the Islamic Republic's Physics Research Center (Phrc).

According to the Iranian foreign ministry there are "serious indications of an Israeli role" in the killing of the nuclear scientist.

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