Abuses 3-year-old daughter and shares photos online, sentenced to 12 years

"I am aware that my wife and daughter's life is completely ruined"
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(archivio L'Unione Sarda)

The trial for pedophilia in the court of the Land of Cologne, in Germany, against a 43-year-old cook accused of abusing his 3-year-old daughter and sharing child pornography material shot with his smartphone ends with a 12-year sentence in a chat attended by 1800 people.

The court is convinced that the man, Joerg L., began abusing his daughter when the little girl was one and a half years old.

When asked by the psychiatric counselor whether the defendant was aware of the consequences of his actions on his family, Joerg L. replied, "Well, my wife and daughter's life is completely ruined."

During the investigation, the police identified 100 other suspects and saved at least 50 possible small victims

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