Schools reopen in Wuhan: strict security measures but no masks

Nearly 1.5 million pupils went back to school today in the first epicenter of the pandemic city
una classde a wuhan (ansa)
Una classde a Wuhan (Ansa)

Many students in China today started the new school year with a mixture of nervousness and enthusiasm.

In Wuhan alone, the megalopolis first epicenter of the pandemic, 2,842 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools have reopened, welcoming 1.4 million pupils. High schools reopened in May, Monday was the turn of the universities.

Without mask, the use of which is only recommended but not mandatory. Wang Chifu, deputy director of the city school office, said students must bring masks, but they don't have to wear them in class.

No masks but strict security measures and emergency plans in the city which in recent months has also been subjected to mass testing. You enter staggered by age, the temperature is measured before entering the school and the paths to lead students in the classes are unique and specially designed. A thorough disinfection has been carried out in the classrooms, canteens, dormitories and bathrooms, and will be carried out every day. In all classes there are masks and hand sanitizers.

Similar measures have been taken across the country, and there are those who rejoice at the fall of the compulsory mask: "The biggest change this semester is that we no longer have to wear masks in the classroom. Even if we still have to be measured. the temperature regularly, we are not as nervous as last semester ", says a student.

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