Reggio Calabria

Prostitution tour in a massage center, the owner investigated

The place was seized by the Finance Police
il centro (ansa)
Il centro (Ansa)

A massage center, where young women of Chinese nationality practiced prostitution, was seized by the Financial Police in the center of Reggio Calabria.

The measure was ordered at the end of the investigations started in June 2019 and conducted by the provincial command soldiers.

The center, based in via Veneto, was run by a 43-year-old woman, also of Chinese nationality.

The prostitution ring emerged thanks to the cameras and microphones placed inside the premises where, according to the investigators, "prostitution activities were systematically carried out by the employees".

In just one day, in September 2019, "about five episodes were recorded".

The wiretapping audio and video, in fact, allowed the investigators to ascertain that the owner exploited the prostitution of her employees.

In particular, the woman instructed and sometimes assisted in sexual performance, advertising the activity on the Internet with images of girls in skimpy clothes and in sexually explicit positions. It was she, moreover, who negotiated the price of the "service" with the customers. Money, which was given to her later, after intercourse.

The cost was 50 euros for each massage, with a surcharge for full intercourse.

In addition to the urgent preventive seizure, the Public Prosecutor has notified a notice of conclusions of the preliminary investigations for the head of the massage center, accused of the crime of habitual tolerance and exploitation of prostitution, aggravated for having committed the facts to the detriment of several he also had employment relationships.

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