Counterfeiting: 22 reports by the Finance Police

Seized clothing, accessories and workshops

Over half a million items of clothing along with counterfeit accessories and labels, warehouses and machinery were seized by the Naples Finance Police as part of an investigation that led to the complaint of 22 people. For the investigators they are part of an organization specialized in the counterfeiting of prestigious brands.

After identifying the irregular production workshops, where the clothes were packaged, the Fiamme Gialle discovered the factories where special machines and workers made the fakes by also affixing the labels. The products were finally sold in the market stalls, especially that of Maddalena, in the center of the Campania capital.

The activities of the financiers took place between the districts of Secondigliano, Pendino, Vasto, Pianura and the municipalities of Giugliano in Campania and Casalnuovo di Napoli.

The value of the goods placed under sequestration amounts to approximately 6 million euros.

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