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San Didero: the No Tavs launch rockets and stones at the police

The police respond with tear gas
la camionette dei carabinieri (ansa)
La camionette dei carabinieri (Ansa)

Another assault on the construction site of San Didero , in Val di Susa, where the new autoport is being built, by the No Tav.

The demonstrators, about a hundred, yesterday threw rockets and stones at the police, who responded with tear gas.

But the protests took place elsewhere also in a peaceful way with a procession, in the streets of the valley, in which about 3 thousand people took part.

In Bruzolo, on the other hand, a group of hooded individuals hoisted a steel cable at a man's height on the A32, the Turin-Bardonecchia motorway. The important thoroughfare was cleared by the police and traffic was blocked until the obstacles were removed by Sitaf.

And in the evening, when darkness fell, the attacks on the construction site began again with firecrackers, paper bombs, stones and fireworks against the agents who protect the fenced area.

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