She falls with the scooter and hits her head, a serious 41 year old

She was without a helmet: she went with her head against the wheel of a parked car
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Investigations by the municipal police are underway in Florence on the fall from a scooter of a 41-year-old woman, then hospitalized in red code in hospital.

The woman, according to the Municipality in a press release, was without a helmet and hit her head.

According to preliminary information, it seems that he lost control of the scooter while driving down the Via Stibbert descent last night.

The wound is a woman of Spanish nationality who has long lived in the Florentine area. She was without a helmet and, falling, she went with her head against the wheel of a parked car.

She was taken to the hospital in code red with very serious injuries.

The municipal police seized the scooter at the behest of the judicial authority.

The road was closed for an hour and a half for rescue operations and reliefs.

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