17 year old attacked in Colleferro, two young men arrested

A new episode of violence after Willy's bad story

Colleferro returns to the headlines for another episode of violence. In the same town in the province of Rome where Willy Monteiro Duarte was beaten to death last summer, there was a new attack on a 17-year-old. Two young people arrested by the police as they were held responsible for the episode. They are two friends aged 18 and 19 who allegedly hit the victim with kicks and punches and then ran away when the young man, once collapsed, hit his head against a parked car and passed out. He is now hospitalized on a reserved prognosis.

"A very serious and unacceptable fact, which makes our community shiver - wrote on Facebook the mayor of Colleferro, Pierluigi Sanna - Young people who beat a young minor, during the day, on Corso Turati and run away, cannot go unpunished".

The two friends were tracked down in a few hours and the agents found them at home with their clothes already changed. But those used during the raid were recovered in the houses.

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