Tyrannized by relatives, she leaves 5 million to the poor: "I don't forgive them"

The story of Angela Torelli, a 91-year-old former dentist: she decided to donate all her belongings to the needy
foto simbolo (pixabay)
Foto simbolo (Pixabay)

Who knows if at the opening of the will Angela Torelli's relatives expected the nasty surprise that awaited them.

She, a retired dentist who died at the age of 91 last March 12, has decided to leave her millionaire legacy to the poor: about 2.5 million to the Lega del Filo d'Oro, 1.5 million to the needy Genoese, assisted by the sisters of the congregation "Little sisters of the poor", and a house in the Dolomites to the Italian Association for Cancer Research.

As the Secolo XIX recounts, the relatives of the brother-in-law remained dry-mouthed, who had tried last year to put her under guardianship: "I confess - wrote the woman in the will - that I cannot forgive the oppression that my brother-in-law's relatives they have inflicted on me and my husband and I hope that the Good Lord, whose forgiveness I ask from now on, will not want to punish me for this ". Also remembered the assistant of a lifetime, now disappeared: in fact, her husband went to a house in Prato Nevoso.

Furthermore, twenty thousand euros each were allocated to the maid and to the administrator who took care of the management of the family properties.

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