Child pornography and sexual acts with minors, six young people between 18 and 26 years old in trouble

It all started with the complaint of the mother of a girl, who discovered photos, videos and chats with unequivocal content on her daughter's smartphone

At the end of two investigative activities, the Brescia and Milan Postal Police, with the coordination of the Brescia Public Prosecutor's Office, denounced six men responsible for detention of child pornography and sexual acts with minors in a state of freedom.

The operation, called "Cometa", resulted from a complaint presented by the mother of a fourteen-year-old resident in a town in the province of Bergamo.

For some time the girl had withdrawn into herself and had shown a marked change in her behavior. Interpreting these anomalies as a wake-up call, the mother checked the contents of the girl's smartphone, discovering that there were sexually explicit photos and videos, as well as chats on various social networks with unambiguous content.

The investigators thus ascertained that the teenager ended up in the shirts of six people aged between 18 and 26 (4 workers, 1 bricklayer and 1 student), residing in the provinces of Brescia, Bergamo, Milan and Taranto, who 'they had solicited on the chats of the social networks to which she was registered.

The subsequent computer and home searches carried out against the suspects made it possible to find in their devices not only the incriminated chats, but also photos and videos with child pornography content.

The six subjects, denounced in a state of freedom, will now have to answer for the serious crimes ascribed to them, ranging from the possession of child pornography to sexual acts with minors.

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