'Ndrangheta: international drug trafficking, 20 arrests

Assets seized for 4 million euros
guardia di finanza (archivio l unione sarda)
Guardia di finanza (archivio L'Unione Sarda)

Over 150 financiers of the Provincial Command of Catanzaro and of the Central Organized Crime Investigation Service of Rome, coordinated by the Dda of Catanzaro, have carried out a precautionary custody order issued by the investigating judge against members of a transnational organization dedicated to international drug trafficking drugs attributable to a historic Calabrian organized crime family, rooted in the Ionian side of Catanzaro.

The measures were carried out against 20 people accused, in various capacities, of association engaged in international drug trafficking, drug trade and illegal possession of firearms.

Seizures of assets for € 4 million were also carried out.

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