Corona leaves prison and returns to house arrest: "Need for treatment"

The questions raised by the defense on the state of mental health were accepted by the judges
fabrizio corona (archivio l unione sarda)
Fabrizio Corona (archivio L'Unione Sarda)

Fabrizio Corona leaves the Monza prison and returns to house arrest.

The Court of Surveillance of Milan, in fact, accepted the request of the defendants to suspend the execution of the provision with which he had returned to prison in recent weeks, pending the decision of the Supreme Court on this point. The defense, with the lawyers Antonella Calcaterra and Ivano Chiesa, had appealed to the Supreme Court against the previous provision that had returned Corona to prison.

Therefore, the judges have accepted the questions raised by the defense on the state of mental health of the former "king of the paparazzi", who needs to continue the treatment process outside prison.

THE FACTS - On March 11, the Supervisory Court of Milan had revoked, for a series of violations of the prescriptions, the deferral of the sentence in home detention that had been granted in December 2019 to Corona for a psychiatric pathology from which he suffers. Decision that had been severely contested by both Corona, who had injured his arm, broke the glass of an ambulance and ended up in a psychiatric hospital for over 10 days, and by his defense.

Among other things, Corona went on a hunger strike for days, first in hospital and then in prison. Now the judges (another Supervisory Board), however, explain that the March provision is not adequately motivated and for this reason they have decided to suspend the stop to the deferral of sentence while waiting for the Supreme Court to pronounce on the merits.

In the new provision, it appears that the judges also refer to the self-injurious gestures carried out by the former "king of the paparazzi" in recent weeks, as well as to the reports of the experts already in the proceedings and who had highlighted the need for Corona continued in the path of treatment outside the prison.

The suspension, among other things, was also ordered taking into account the recent acts of self-harm by the former photographic agent.

The Surveillance, furthermore, points out that the defense request for an expert opinion on the compatibility of Corona with the detention in prison had not been evaluated. And the judges always clarify, in essence, that the needs of health protection must prevail in the execution phase of the sentence.

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