Citizenship income unduly received: 239 foreigners reported

The Yellow Flames discover a vast system implemented in various provinces

239 people have been reported by the Financial Police of Rovigo for having illegally received citizenship income.

The investigative investigations, carried out in collaboration with the INPS, had begun last December when the Occhiobello Yellow Flames had blocked a fraudulent attempt to collect the benefit by 23 Romanians. The foreigners had submitted a specific application and, having received the Pin, had presented themselves to the post office to activate the prepaid electronic cards in order to collect the credited sums. But all the people identified were found to be without the residence requirement and the investigation was therefore extended, assuming that it was not isolated cases but rather a widespread system.

The financiers thus discovered that the illegal behavior had been replicated numerous times throughout Italy.

A large number of people, all foreigners, had had access to citizenship income in a completely illicit way. Of the 673 people checked, 239 did not possess the requirement of effective residence in Italy and, for these reasons, they were all reported to the Public Prosecutors of Milan, Naples, Rome, Cosenza, Lodi, Bari, Turin, Pavia, Massa, Agrigento , Foggia, Genoa, Vercelli, Pisa, Latina, Imperia and Rovigo.

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