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More yellow Italy but also local lockdowns. Towards the start of vaccinations with Astrazeneca

In mid-February the ban on travel between regions expires, the ball passes to the government of Mario Draghi who could swear by Friday

With Sardinia in the yellow zone, the Italian regions become sixteen, plus the Autonomous Province of Trento, with the lowest level of anti-Covid restrictions. Puglia, Sicily and the rest of Umbria will remain orange but the lockdown in Alto Adige will also begin, decided for three weeks by the local authorities, as well as in the province of Perugia and in some municipalities of Terni and Abruzzo.

We are moving towards another important deadline: the end of the ban on travel between Regions (including yellow ones) on February 15, with the forfeiture of the decree launched for the Christmas holidays. The ball will pass to Mario Draghi's new executive: he could swear on Friday, the day of the weekly monitoring of the control room and of any ordinances of the Minister of Health.

"It will be the new government that will make an assessment, on the basis of the epidemiological framework, on the mobility between the Regions - said the outgoing Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia a few days ago - in the different bands and especially in the yellow band, also because possible measures restrictive require a specific decree ".

THE VACCINATION CAMPAIGN - Meanwhile, the threat posed by mutations - including the South African and Brazilian ones - is intertwined with the vaccination campaign, which has accumulated about three weeks of delay due to heavy cuts by companies in the supply of doses. The AstraZeneca serum arrived two days early and the 250,000 vials of the first load will be administered from Tuesday to under-55s in good health, starting from teachers and members of the police.

At the same time we will proceed to complete the vaccination of health workers and guests of the RSA and we will proceed with that of over 80 years old. These last categories have had the Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna vaccines intended, for a total of over 2.5 million doses administered so far and over 1.1 million Italians who have also received the booster and are therefore truly vaccinated. The goal is to immunize 4.5 million people by the end of April.

In March, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is expected to give the green light to the vaccine from the American Johnson & Johnson, single-dose, therefore easier to store and administer: Italy had initially optioned tens of millions of doses.

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