HIV positive hides 3 syringes on supermarket shelves, reported

One was hidden among the oral care products
immagine simbolo (archivio l unione sarda)
Immagine simbolo (archivio L'Unione Sarda)

He hid three syringes, with the needle inserted and without a protective cap, in a supermarket and in a shop in a shopping center, perhaps with the aim of injuring an unsuspecting customer who had approached to pick up the products.

The gesture was made by a middle-aged man, Italian and resident in the Bolognese area, identified by the Carabinieri of Castenaso, who sanctioned him for abandoning the syringes and reported for attempted aggravated personal injury.

The military has in fact discovered that the perpetrator of the gesture is HIV-positive, although it is not yet clear whether the syringes were "infected".

The military also found him in possession of 55 new syringes, along with medical documentation certifying his HIV positivity.

The findings took place on three occasions, between 8 and 18 January: two were hidden among the merchandise exhibited in one of the shops in the gallery, another on the shelves of the supermarket, among the oral hygiene products.

It was the same employees of the points of sale who made the discovery and warned the Carabinieri, who started the investigation. After confiscating the syringes, the military collected testimonies and viewed the video surveillance images, quickly tracing back to the person responsible: a customer from the same mall who, apparently, would have deliberately hidden the syringes. The man has not issued any statement to the Carabinieri on the motive for the gesture.

Further investigations are underway to see if he had contaminated the syringe to attempt to transmit HIV. The seized material was entrusted to the Scientific Investigations Department of Parma for technical and scientific investigations.

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