Murdered boyfriends, De Marco's diary: "My impulse to kill would return"

The words from the prison of Antonio De Marco, confessed to the double murder of Daniele De Santis and Eleonora Manta
antonio de marco (ansa)
Antonio De Marco (Ansa)

"If I were on the outside my urge to kill would have returned"; "Sometimes I feel like I'm a real monster and the worst thing is that I feel part of me likes this idea ..."

The words reported on the manuscripts seized in prison at the end of October from Antonio De Marco, the 21-year-old from Casarano (Lecce), are shivering, confessed to having killed the Lecce referee Daniele De Santis and his girlfriend Eleonora Manta in the house last September. Lecce where they had recently moved.

"I killed Daniele and Eleonora because I wanted to take revenge - he writes in a text reported by the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno -: why did my life have to be so sad and that of others so happy?". And again: "And the worst part is that I feel that if I were on the outside my urge to kill would have returned, I would have burst into tears, I would be angry, I would have fantasized about killing someone and then I would go to Eurospin to buy chips. and crap. It's easy for me to kill, maybe it wasn't from a logistical point of view, but from an emotional point of view it's easy. But if killing didn't get me anything, then I would probably feel the urge to yet?".

Then a reference to the murder: "This murder is the thing that breaks me the most: one part of me feels sorry (but only that), another is happy .... yes! He is happy to have given 60 stabs, then there is another part that would have wanted to make a killing, as if it had been a game of GTA ", namely the violent video game Grand Theft Auto.

There is no lack of traces of repentance: "The other day a strange thing happened, while I was reading 'Wuthering Heights' (novel by Emily Bronte, ed) ... I remembered that evening, the night of the murder, but not as I always do , it was much stronger ... And for the first time I felt real sorrow for what I did, maybe I was even close to crying. But if I think about it now I don't feel the same things, I just don't feel anything, but maybe I'm getting close to true repentance. "

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