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Doctors: "An algorithm to vaccinate those who risk the most first"

The family doctors are organizing themselves in view of the next start of the second phase of the vaccination campaign

The second phase of the vaccination campaign, the one that will involve the population starting from over 80 and frail people, is just missing.

Doctors begin to organize themselves with a sort of large database with the names and characteristics of patients and an algorithm capable of identifying which of them is most at risk and must have priority for anti-Covid vaccination based on parameters of precise reference, starting from age and health conditions in relation to the presence of one or more diseases.

To date, Silvestro Scotti, the national secretary of the Italian Federation of general practitioners (Fimmg) explains to ANSA, "in reality, there is still no official information on how to organize and manage the second phase of the vaccination campaign in progress, when it will start. to vaccinate the wider population. We general practitioners, in contact with the territory, will be called to collaborate but we still do not know exactly how the organizational machine will work ".

But what is "most urgent - he underlines - is that we must be called to participate in the organization of the second phase. We ask to be involved and we are available, but our role has not yet been defined for procedures and areas of involvement" . However, time is running out and the risk, he warns, "is that precious days are lost".

So Fimmg, in collaboration with Cittadinanzattiva, has decided to develop a platform that will be made available to all general practitioners. The objective is, in fact, to try to identify with the utmost precision the number of patients who in the second phase will have to receive vaccination first, according to a priority scale.

The platform, explains Scotti, "is a free model for doctors and institutions and will be able to communicate with corporate and regional platforms. It starts with the medical history file made by the doctor and thanks to the algorithm the subjects who have vaccination priority are identified. . The platform also allows at the same time to book the vaccination both at a scheduled vaccination point and at the doctor's office. This - he specifies - will also depend on the type of vaccine that will be made available and on its storage methods. The platform then sends a confirmation message to the person who can get vaccinated ".

The white coats, therefore, say they are ready and propose that the family doctors themselves identify the subjects who can be immunized as a priority in phase 2, starting as expected for the over-80s. For the moment, from the point of view of the organization, Scotti underlines, "we are having first contacts with the Regions, and some are convening the organizations of general practitioners. For example, Basilicata, Marche, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Piedmont have started to reason with family doctors on the models to be adopted, Lombardy has already closed a preliminary agreement ".

To date, in these territories, he stresses, "gradual involvement is expected starting from the fact that general practitioners can carry out vaccinations at vaccination points using the Pfizer vaccine, which requires storage under special conditions. With the arrival of the Moderna vaccine instead , easier to manage for storage at higher temperatures, we will also be able to vaccinate peripherally and if the conditions exist in our studies ".

And it is precisely from the category that a significant contribution could come to ensure a rapid trend in the campaign: "At the national level - says Scotti - family doctors would be able to vaccinate 8 to 16 million Italians in the space of two months ". The involvement of the category is a relevant element according to the Undersecretary for Health Sandra Zampa: "For the convocations of the population there will be general practitioners, prevention districts and the registries of the regions available. It is an important machine - she explained recently - but that is already moving ".

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