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Towards the new Dpcm: "Christmas with armored Regions and closed restaurants"

The idea of maintaining the curfew at 10pm even on New Year's is being discussed

Restaurants closed on Christmas and Boxing day, curfew at 10pm also on New Year's Eve, armored Regions.

The Christmas of Covid takes shape in the folds of the government's discussion on the new Dpcm.

The decisions are not armored, also because opinions on some of the rules diverge: a new step will be made with the CTS and with the Regions, as well as in the government. But at the end of a river summit by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with the majority delegation heads, the line of those who want to lock up Christmas seems to prevail, to limit the risks of the third wave. And therefore: movements between Regions only for residents, closing of bars and restaurants at 6 pm, extended hours for shops to avoid crowds but with a rigid curfew at 10 pm, even on Christmas and New Year's Eve.

There are still many issues to be solved: the idea of introducing a 15-day quarantine for those who return from abroad during the Christmas period must be confirmed.

School at Palazzo Chigi debates when it is now night, but a decision is not made. The orientation of those who would like to bring back high school to class from January seems to prevail, but the pressure of Minister Lucia Azzolina with Movimento 5 Stelle and Italia Viva to stop distance learning in December is strong. The meeting is suspended without a final decision.

Instead, it has been decided that the Dpcm, which will be in force from 4 December, will confirm the division of the country into red, orange and yellow zones: if the contagion curve continues its trend, in mid-December all of Italy will be yellow. Therefore it is on the rules for the yellow Regions that the government's work is concentrating, without prejudice to all the restrictions for the red and orange ones, ranging from the closure of bars and restaurants, to those of the shops in the red areas.

Despite Prime Minister Conte's doubts and Iv's pressing, the idea of maintaining the curfew from 10 pm to 6 am even on holidays seems to be resisting: an orientation that also explains what Minister Francesco Boccia said to the Regions on Thursday, about the the need to contain all the activities by 10pm including the Christmas mass (on this point an interview is underway with the CEI). For restaurants, the closure should remain from 6 pm and the block should become total at Christmas and Boxing day. Shops will be able to stay open until 9pm or even later, as long as they are able to respect and enforce the 10pm curfew obligation.

As for the knot of travel, a discussion is still underway: the basic rule should be to prohibit moving even between yellow regions starting from a certain date (to be defined) but the 'aperturists' push for exceptions for those who have domicile in a region other than that of residence and for family reunification.

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