Man found dead in front of the hospital: "His legs are broken"

The victim, a homeless man, was allegedly hit by a car and abandoned on the spot

The man found dead this morning in front of the Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan, in via Castelfidardo, would have been hit by a car and abandoned on the spot. This is the most accredited hypothesis by the police who initially thought it could be a beating.

The man has broken legs, injuries compatible with the impact of a vehicle that went at high speed. The victim is a well-known homeless man in the area and, albeit without documents, he was also recognized by police officers, since the police station is in the same area. He was about 70 and slept right there in front of the hospital, where he was found in a shelter with blankets and cardboard. It is therefore possible that the man dragged himself to his refuge after the impact.

In consideration of the probable speed of the vehicle, it is not excluded that the accident may have occurred along the Porta Nuova ramparts, on the main artery.

However, it will be the autopsy to clarify the causes of death.

Meanwhile, the police are collecting the images of the cameras in the area, well covered by electronic eyes also by virtue of the access to area C. The feeling is that the alleged hijacker can be identified soon.

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