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Loris, the father and little brother 6 years after his death: "You are always with us"

For the murder her mother Veronica Panarello was sentenced to 30 years
il piccolo loris (archivio l unione sarda)
Il piccolo Loris (archivio L'Unione Sarda)

"Hi Loris, since that November 29th your eyes and your love have been taken away from us, but your smile has not faded and lights up the stars that shine at night. I am sure that from up there you look at us and you continue to want us well, I feel you can touch my heart and embrace my thoughts ".

This was stated by Andrea Stival and the little brother of the child killed at the age of eight two days after the sixth anniversary of his death in a message released by their lawyer, the lawyer Daniele Scrofani.

For the crime, Loris's mother, Veronica Panarello, who strangled him with plastic ties in their home in Santa Croce Camerina (Ragusa), was sentenced to 30 years in prison and then concealed corpse in a gully.

"Today, when you are no longer physically among us - add Loris's father and little brother - you occupy our minds and hearts at every moment, the only places where you will remain forever. But one day behind the clouds of the sky we will find the your kisses and your hugs and we can smile and rejoice together.

Today even more between a tear and a smile our thoughts fly to you! We love you".

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