Reggio Calabria

Arrested with 17 kilos of cocaine and 5 million in cash hidden in the garden

Two men aged 24 and 32 in handcuffs
la drofa posta sotto sequestro (foto carabinieri di reggio calabria)
La drofa posta sotto sequestro (foto carabinieri di Reggio Calabria)

Two arrests, 17 kilos of cocaine hidden inside a car and 5 million euros in cash buried in the garden.

It is the result of a road traffic check carried out by the carabinieri in Ardore Marina (Reggio Calabria), on Statale 106.

On the night of November 26-27, two men aged 24 and 32 were stopped at a roadblock because they were driving two cars while they were strangely queued. The nervousness of the two prompted the soldiers of the Arma to search the vehicles and inside the vehicle of the 24-year-old, hidden in a double bottom of the glove compartment, they found 17 kilos of cocaine, divided into fifteen sealed packages.

The search was extended to their homes and the home of the 32-year-old, the carabinieri of the Locri company, supported by the carabinieri of the "Calabria" Hunters Helicopter Squadron, found six plastic bins, buried in the garden and hidden under debris. Inside there were 5 million euros in cash: banknotes of various denominations placed under vacuum in heat-sealed plastic bags.

The two were then arrested and taken to prison at the disposal of the judicial authority. The Locri Prosecutor's Office was notified and initiated the investigation. Given the amount of drugs and money found, the investigators do not rule out the involvement of the local 'Ndrangheta families. Involvement which, if confirmed, would involve the transfer of the investigation to the Reggio Calabria anti-mafia district directorate.

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