He killed his lover and left for Sardinia with his family, confirmed 16 years old

For Pasini confirmed the sentence for voluntary murder: "There was no premeditation"
fabrizio pasini e manuela bailo (foto da facebook)
Fabrizio Pasini e Manuela Bailo (foto da Facebook)

Confirmed by the Court of Appeal of Brescia the sentence to 16 years in prison for Fabrizio Pasini , the former trade unionist who killed his colleague and lover Manuela Bailo.

The facts date back to the summer of 2018: after murdering her, he hid the 35-year-old's body in a sewage pit in the Cremona countryside. Then he left for two weeks on vacation in Sardinia with his wife and children.

The Attorney General today asked for a sentence of 30 years, also contesting the aggravating circumstance of premeditation, but the Court of Appeal did not accept the request, confirming the sentence for Pasini at 16 years for voluntary murder.

Pasini has always said that he pushed the woman at the height of an argument down the stairs and that the fall was fatal. For the investigators, however, he would have stunned and then slaughtered her throat.

"Two days ago it was the day for the elimination of violence against women and then there are sentences of 16 years for murder. How do you tell a woman to go and report?".

Arianna Bailo, the victim's sister, is angry and disappointed: "My sister was killed, abandoned in a sewage tank and then he went on vacation to Sardinia with his family. A 16-year sentence is unacceptable", he added. in tears.

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