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Murder Rostagno, the Supreme Court confirms life imprisonment for the mafia boss Virga

Thirty-two years ago the journalist was murdered
mauro rostagno (archivio l unione sarda)
Mauro Rostagno (archivio L'Unione Sarda)

The sentence of life imprisonment for Vicenzo Virga, the boss of Trapani believed to be the instigator of the murder of the sociologist and journalist MauroRostagno , which took place 32 years ago in the Trapani area, was confirmed by the Supreme Court.

Instead, the appeal of the Palermo Public Prosecutor's Office against the acquittal pronounced on appeal in favor of the alleged killer Vito Mazzara was rejected. The Pg of the Supreme Court had asked to cancel Mazzara's acquittal.

The civil party lawyers representing Rostagno's family also fought for the reopening of the appeal process against Mazzarra. In particular, the lawyer Fausto Maria Amato supported his petition in favor of Chicca Roveri, second wife of Rostagno, and of Maddalena, their daughter, while the lawyer Fabio Lanfranca carried out the plea on behalf of Carla and Monica Rostagno , respectively sister and eldest daughter of Mauro, and of Maria Teresa Conversano, the first wife of the sociologist journalist killed on the evening of 26 September 1988, in Lenzi, near Trapani.

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