The Rt index falls again, it is 1.08. In Sardinia the lowest in Italy

In Basilicata the highest, 10 Regions with Rt index below 1

The Rt index calculated on symptomatic data continues to drop. In the last monitoring of the ISS it is equal to 1.08, and in most of the Regions there are average values between 1 and 1.25, in ten it is less than 1, which indicates a "significant decrease in transmissibility".

The highest is in Basilicata (1.21), the lowest in Sardinia (0.71) .

The Regions with Rt less than 1 are: Calabria 0.92, Lazio 0.88, Marche 0.93, province of Trento 0.81, Puglia 0.99, Piedmont 0.89, Liguria 0.76, Valle d'Aosta 0.99, Umbria 0.74 and Sardinia 0.71.

The others: Basilicata 1.21, Abruzzo 1.06, Campania 1, Emilia Romagna 1.07, Lombardy 1.17, Molise 1.17, Friuli 1.09, Sicily 1.04, Veneto 1.2, Tuscany 1, 2, Bolzano 1.

INCIDENCE DOWN - For the first time since the beginning of the second wave, a decrease in the incidence of Covid cases at national level has been observed in the last 14 days: they are 706.27 per 100 thousand inhabitants from 9 to 22 November, in the previous period they were 732 6.

This incidence, however, observes the ISS, "remains very high, and is still increasing in some regions".

Encouraging data, but it is forbidden to let your guard down because it is "necessary to reach transmissibility levels significantly lower than 1, allowing a rapid decrease in the number of new cases of infection and, consequently, a reduction in the pressure on local and hospital health services", notes the 'Iss.

Furthermore, almost all regions are at high or moderate risk with a high probability of progressing to high risk in the coming weeks. In this case there are 10 regions at high risk, the remaining at moderate risk, but among these 7 have a "high probability of progressing at high risk".

ADMISSIONS - The alert on the saturation of hospitals remains high. As of November 24, 17 regions had exceeded at least one critical threshold in the medical or intensive care area. In Sardinia, the alert was exceeded in the intensive care units, with 40% of the beds occupied, well over 30%, the guard threshold established by the Ministry of Health.

Five regions in which there is no overload of intensive care: Basilicata, Calabria, Molise, Sicily and Veneto. Seven are those in which there is no overload in the medical area: Basilicata, Molise, Bolzano, Sardinia , Sicily, Tuscany and Veneto.

RECOMMENDATIONS - For this "the need is confirmed to maintain the drastic reduction of physical interactions between people", and it is essential that "the population avoids the opportunities for contacts with people outside their own residential nucleus that are not strictly necessary and stay home as long as possible ".

In short, it is not the time to relax measures or lower the level of attention, underlines the monitoring.

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