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Curfew and displacements, it's a tug-of-war over Christmas

The prime minister would be unwilling to take the hard line

There is a long discussion on the contents of the decree against the spread of Covid which will come into force in the coming days, especially on the part concerning the days of the Holidays.

But there is still no agreement. Or rather, everyone is on the need for a "more sober" Christmas and not a gigantic outbreak for the third wave. But the "very hard" line espoused by the PD ministers and Roberto Speranza does not fully convince the Prime Minister.

Conte, like the Renzians, would be convinced that a curfew cannot be held at 10 pm on Christmas and New Year's Eve as well: he would like to set it at 11 pm or midnight.

But also on the movements between Regions: not a free all nor the possibility of going out on holiday, but the more "aperturists" would like to find a way to allow close relatives to be together, albeit in a limited number (also here: recommend a number, you ask, or avoid it?). As for skiing and travel abroad, discussions are open with other EU countries and the hypothesis of a quarantine for those returning is open.

On a completely different front, the Recovery Fund, the tug of war is very hard: Conte is determined to keep the control room at Palazzo Chigi, the Pd would like it at the Mef (in close connection with the Accounting Office). "Intermediate" hypotheses are circulating, of entrusting the direction to EU Affairs Minister Enzo Amendola or creating a "mixed" team, including Palazzo Chigi, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Economic Development.

"It is clear to everyone that ministries, administrations and bureaucracy are not adequate, we need to involve engineers, urban planners, sociologists", says Andrea Orlando from the Democratic Party. A new government meeting could still be held over the weekend, because there was no agreement on what the implementing bodies should be and on how to allocate the funds, beyond the European constraints to allocate 37% to the environment and 20 % to digital. The theme is intertwined with that of the Mes, on which tensions remain very high in the majority, despite the fact that we are all working together to pass the green light for reform in the EU.

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