The bar closes at midnight. And he reopens it 15 minutes later

"The opening hours are not specified on the decree," he explains. And the agents had to allow the business to resume
(frame la nuova calabria)
(Frame La Nuova Calabria)

It was supposed to close at 24 and it did. But it reopened 15 minutes later.

A dealer from Catanzaro Lido has decided to circumvent the dpcm with this stratagem which provides for the early closure of the premises. Sanctionable? No, because he limited himself to respecting the only obligation expressly provided for in the decree, the closing time, interpreting the much less clear part on reopening.

His bar is usually open 24 hours a day, and he just didn't think about closing at midnight. And therefore, since the decree does not specify the opening time, "I closed at 00.00 and I raised the shutters at 00.15".

Not even ten minutes later, the police checks arrived: "They ordered me to close - he said in an interview with Nuova Calabria -. I pointed out to him what is in the dpcm, where the timetable is missing. reopening ".

There is nothing left for the agents to do but acknowledge this shortcoming and allow the business to continue. A real paradox.

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